Nobu at Caesars Palace

Located in the Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace, Nobu Las Vegas Caesars Palace was the first to offer teppanyaki in the United States. The restaurant offers a sophisticated yet whimsical experience and features a sushi bar, exclusive private dining area and an impressive selection of dishes including Nobu's signature items such as the Black Cod Miso, Rock Shrimp Tempura, Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño and Squid "Pasta". Additional culinary offerings include cold dishes, hot entrées, brick oven dishes, kushiyaki, specialty tempura, sushi and more.

Designed by David Rockwell, bowed columns of bamboo line the exterior of the restaurant to resemble the structure of a traditional Japanese ikebana basket used in the art of flower arranging. The restaurant features colorful, patterned private dining pods, and floating above are oversized light fixtures inspired by Japanese tea whisks. All materials have been hand-crafted and curated to create a complete luxury experience.

Call (702) 785-6628 for reservations.

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